Vision Questing Assessment

Ground-building–Being Who You Are

by Herb Stevenson

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We all live somewhere between two opposing perceptions. The point in the middle which creates a sense of balance, groundedness, and centeredness is our zero point. The following questions enable us to explore the opposing perceptions so as to rediscover our zero point.

Part I: Positive Pole

» Describe a time when you felt most like yourself? What were the circumstances during that time?

» Describe a time when you were proud to be yourself? Why were you proud?

» What do you value most about being yourself? Why?

Part II: Negative Pole

» Describe a time when you least felt like yourself? What were the circumstances during that time?

» Describe a time when you were embarrassed to be yourself? Why were you embarrassed?

» What do you value least about being yourself? Why?

Part III: Zero Point

» What has been the most important thing you’ve learned or perhaps relearned—about being yourself?

Fattening the Pictures

» Provide Descriptive Words that exemplifies your life. Use no judgment, just brain storm.

» Without judging, provide Symbols or Images that represents your life. Draw, describe, or list them.


» How is the world different because you exist? Think hard. Allow the soft animal within yourself to have a voice.


» Imagine you had a magic wand that granted three wishes for you to more fully become the person that you are. What would those wishes be?


» Be courageous or desperate and create a Vision Statement that explains how the world is different because you exit. It should brief a brief statement that has volumes of meaning to you. It must resonate to something larger than life, that is like a calling to be more fully who you are.


» What are you willing to do to live your vision? Create a Mission Statement of your life work. It must directly speak to how to fulfill your vision statement. Breathe life into it.

» What form of internal authority will it take for me to live my vision....list the values supporting the Vision and your Mission and who your are. (Narrow to a list of can’t live without. Preferably >5; <10)


What are you willing to do to be more fully who you are? Consider the following: Am I willing to

  • [ ]Show up and be present without preconceived notions.
    This means that we need to be present with ourselves and with others. Being present means being aware of how our life experiences have created different beliefs that may not be enabling us to effectively listen and to converse with others. Rather, we may be spewing our beliefs onto others without allowing others to express themselves without judgment.

  • [ ]Say what is so, when it is so, without blame or judgment.
    This means that unless we are truthful with ourselves and with others, we can never come to real understanding and agreement. Further, unless we let go of the need to blame or judge ourselves or others, we will not be able to trust one another to do the right things.

  • [ ]Pay attention to what has heart and meaning.
    This means it is easy to move through the day mindlessly, not attempting to make meaning of the day’s events or if the events have impacted you within your deepest self. When we live each day this way, we can fall into blaming and judging others for not making the day more satisfying.

  • [ ]Be open to outcome not attached to outcome.
    Similar to the principle that “whatever happens is the only thing that could have” happened, this means that we invite newness into the situation or conversation instead of diligently projecting what we think the person is saying or doing or what we think must be the final result.

Describe anything else that comes to mind.


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